Capitals License Plate FAQs


Can I get a Caps license plate for my passenger car, multi-purpose vehicle or truck?

Yes, Caps license plates may be displayed on passenger cars, multipurpose vehicles (i.e., Jeeps, Blazers, motor homes) and trucks up to and including one ton.  


Can I get a Caps license plate for my motorcycle?

No, Caps license plates are not available for motorcycles.


Can I get a Caps license plate for my boat or trailer?

No, Caps license plates are not available for boats or trailers.


I have a disability plate. Can I get a Caps disability license plate?

No, these plates are not available. If you elect to purchase a Caps license plate, you will need to use a disability hangtag with your Caps license plate.


What will the Caps license plate look like?

The Caps Maryland license plate will include the Caps eagle logo in full color, three stacked letters spelling out “NHL” and four numeric characters as well as “Washington Capitals” along the bottom of the plate.


How will license plate numbers be assigned?

License plate numbers will be assigned in sequential order and is up to the discretion of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.


Can I make a special request for my plate number, such as “0220”?

No, requests for specific plate number cannot be made. License plate numbers will be assigned in sequential order. Please note that “0000” will not be issued as a valid Caps license plate.


Can I request that my Caps license plate be personalized, such as “CAP1”?

No, personalized (vanity) Caps plates with specific letters and numbers are not available.


How much does it cost to order the Caps license plate?

The Washington Capitals plate costs $50, payable to Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation. This is a one-time fee and is separate from any annual vehicle registration fees. You must renew your current vehicle registration with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association when it is due. Beyond the $50 there are no additional costs. This fee includes the cost to ship the license plate to you. Your order will include a set of two plates – one for the front of your car and one for the back of your car.


Is the entire $50 fee tax deductible?

Half of the $50 fee is tax deductible. The fee can be broken down as follows: $25 will be paid to the Maryland MVA and $25 will be a tax-deductible donation to Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation.


Does the $50 cover vehicle registration fees?

No, the license plate fee you are paying is not part of your vehicle registration renewal.


Can I make an additional tax-deductible donation to Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation at the time I pay for my Caps license plate?

Yes, for your convenience, you may add a one-time monetary contribution that you wish to make to Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation when you are completing payment online.


What are my payment options?

The $50 one-time fee for a Caps license plate must be paid via credit card. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Will I receive a receipt for my payment?

You will automatically receive an email receipt when you pay be credit card. This will also act as your tax-deductible receipt, as it will note the amount of your donation to MSE Foundation, so please save it for your records.


How long will it take to receive my Caps license plate once I submit my order?

MSE Foundation process applications in batches. The Foundation sends in completed applications to the Motor Vehicle Administration for processing on a monthly basis. Upon receipt of your application by the Maryland MVA, your plates will be issued from the Glen Burnie office, which processes plate orders on a daily basis. Plates will typically be received in approximately two to four weeks.


Where will my Caps license plates be sent?

Plates will be mailed directly to the address on your application.


What do I do with the license plates originally issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration?

Upon receipt of your Caps license plates, please return the license plates you were originally issued to the Maryland MVA. You can return your original plates in person to any Maryland MVA branch office, including express offices, or mail them to the Maryland MVA Central Refund Tag Return (CRTR) Unit, 6601 Ritchie Highway, N.E., Glen Burnie, MD 21062. The Maryland MVA suggests sending them by certified mail with return receipt requested.


Also, as a suggestion, please be sure to notify your insurance company of your new vehicle plate information.